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The Imam’s Wife

“Honk, Honk” the sounds of rush hour traffic in Atlanta. Everyone trying to get home after a long day of work.Traffic is at a stand still and tempers are inflamed.Trucks,taxis , and buses  all join the chaotic symphony that is the daily rush hour. imam-wifeHere we find Lateefah. A middle aged Muslimah who finds herself negotiating this emotional scene trying desperately to get home. Behind her in her green Ford Taurus are Groceries from the local supermarket. Lentils,romaine  lettuce ,onions ,garlic, and chicken are some of the ingredients that will comprise this meal fit for a king, but, for what king? Kadeem is hardly ever home.

He is the Imam at the local Masjid in Lateefah’s neighborhood.Counseling sessions, the five daily Salawat and the occasional Salatul Janaza are all par for course. While Imam Kadeem was out establishing the DEEN and calling people to the way of Ahlul-Sunnah…Lateefah was at home lonely, depressed and unloved. Kadeem hadn’t made her feel special….like she was the queen in his kingdom for years and today Lateefah again finds herself driving home wishing that her husband would spend time with her and make love to her like he used to before the Masjid, before the title, before the appearances..when it was just Kadeem and Lateefah.

Lateefah pleaded and even begged Kadeem to spend time with her, but, the Jamat came first. She could hear that famous slogan of his reverberating in her head after many unsuccessful attempts to plea her case.”This dunya is worthless and one day we will meet ALLAH and stand before him.” declares Imam Kadeem to his wife repeatedly. Now with the kids gone the house has taken an air of loneliness all its own. Kadeem can never go to lead the salah and come back.There is always someone that needs help, someone that needs a dua  or some advice. A tear slowly makes it way down the aged crevices of Lateefah’s face as she passes the masjid and nears her home. She was not looking forward to another night alone eating dinner, rather, this is her new and accepted reality. Lateefah parks her car in the driveway and grabs all the groceries. She is certain that Kadeem isn’t home due to the fact that Salatul Asr is in and he is sure to be at the masjid conducting his daily Halaqah.
Lateefah heads for the door with the groceries. Her aged and weathered hands can bearly hold the grocery laden plastic bags as she unlocks the front door and walks in. To her surprise Kadeem is in sujood on the floor crying profusely.
Lateefah:As sallamu alaikum baby!!! What’s the matter?
Kadeem:Ya ALLAH please forgive me!!! Ya Allah please!!
Lateefah:Kadeem….Kadeem baby what’s the matter??
Kadeem sits up. His eyes are red and swollen. He looks up and sees Lateefah.
Kadeem:Wa alaikum sallam….please forgive me Lateefah.
Lateefah:Forgive you?? For what??
Kadeem gets up and walks toward the living room window.He wipes the tears from his eyes as he nears the window. He gazes out the window. Lateefah is standing directly behind him.
Kadeem:Today I was in my office counseling a young couple newly married.The wife was complaining that her husband works entirely too much and she rarely sees him.She wants to spend time with him but he is too busy. The brother said that the reason why he was working so hard was so that He could build wealth for his family and so that they would not have to struggle anymore. She said that she did not care about the money she only wanted her husband. As I sat there and listened to their predicament I reflected over our situation. I told the brother to set aside time for work, time for Allah and time for his wife. He should give his wife her rights.This is what the Messenger of Allah has told us to do. He said out of His blessed mouth concerning an issue brought to Him by Abu Darda (R.A.). Salman Al Farsee narrated:

I went to visit my brother in faith, Abu-Darda (may Allah exalt their mention) and upon arrival, I was greeted by his spouse Um Darda (may Allah exalt their mention) who was in an unkempt state. Seeing that, I asked her, What is the matter with you; why are you in this state and not attentive to your husband?’
She said: Your brother, Abu-Darda has no interest in this world and its affairs. He spends his nights praying and days fasting!
Upon the arrival of Abu-Darda, who welcomed Salman and offered him some food, Salman said: Why do not you eat with me?
Abu-Darda said: I am fasting.
Salman said: By Allah you must break your fast and eat with me.
Abu-Darda broke his fast and ate with Salman. Salman spent that night with Abu-Darda, and Abu Darda got up during the night to offer some night prayers whereupon Salman stopped him from doing so, saying: Your body has certain rights upon you, your Lord has certain rights upon you, and your family has certain rights upon you. Fast some days and break the fast on others, approach your spouse (for marital relations). Grant everyone their due right.
Just before the break of dawn, Salman permitted Abu-Darda to get up and offer prayers. Both of them rose, performed ablution, offered prayers and then headed to the Masjid to offer Fajr (dawn) prayer. Upon finishing the prayer with the Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him) Abu-Darda reported to the Prophet about the incident. The Prophet of Allah (Peace be upon Him) said: Salman has spoken the truth.”

[Bukhari #1867]


Then it hit me that I was a hypocrite. I know you’ve pleaded with me to spend more time with you, date you and make love to you. You have been a faithful and believing wife to me. All those times I left you at home to run off to some Islamic conference, the middle of the night emergency  imam meetings…you were right there. You have been a great wife and supporter to me and what have you gotten in return?? Lonely nights, a pillow saturated with your tears, and a husband who ignored your pleas. So in reality I should’ve follow my own advice. I AM SUCH A HYPOCRITE!!! Allah says the interpretation of the meaning is:
“Do you order righteousness of the people and forget yourselves while you recite the Scripture? Then will you not reason?” Surah Al Baqarah verse 44
So I came home to beg Allah for His forgiveness and to ask you to forgive me for how I treated you all these years.
Jameelah’s heart was touched.She had never seen this side of her husband. The stern disciplinarian and confident leader of the community was now defenseless and vulnerable before Lateefah. The hurtful and painful neglect had built an impregnable wall around her heart.She was angry and callous to others. Not that she wanted to be that way but Kadeem’s behavior made her into the hollow shell of a woman standing behind him. Now the sincere remorse that was evident in Kadeem’s demeanor tore town that wall. It was destroyed  like a 200 lb. cannon ball would destroy a fortress wall when fired out of a cannon.She loved her husband and all she wanted was for him to reciprocate that love. She moves toward Kadeem and embraces him from behind.
Lateefah:Baby….we have a lot of history together. For years I suffered loneliness and despair. I forgive you, BUT, YOU SHOULD NEVER FORGET THAT I AM YOUR CONFIDANT AND FRIEND. I am proud of you. So many depend and look up to you. You have been an integral part of so many people’s lives. All I ask that you include me in your efforts. That’s all I want.
Jameelah turns Kadeem around slowly and Kadeem can not bring himself to look at her in her eyes. She places her hand under his cheek and slowly raises his head. They meet eye to eye.
Lateefah:After all these years it’s you who I want. Your companionship, your friendship, your time and your love.
Jameelah and Kadeem both simultaneously move closer until they are captured in a passionate embrace.Kadeem’s heart is trembling with pure delight. His heart starts to pound faster and faster. Jameelah  is burning with desire. All she wanted was for Kadeem to acknowledge her mind, spirit and body. Now she wanted him. She wanted to feel like a sensual being again…now.
Lateefah:Please Kadeem take me.
They both lock in a kiss to defy the ages.Kadeem kisses her neck gently. Taking his time to savor the sweet skin of Jameelah. Jameelah can feel the strong shoulder muscles of Kadeem and It drove her wild. Kadeem picks Jameelah up in his arms.
Jameelah:Woohoo!! Wow!! That’s my strong manly man.
Kadeem:We have to make up for lost time you know.
Kadeem walks down the hall towards the bedroom with Jameelah in his arms. She feels protected and wanted as she enjoys the masculine transport down the hall and into the bedroom. The door slowly closes.

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  1. This is so confusing is the wife’s name latefaah or jameelah?? Make up your mind. By the way a true Muslim doesn’t air his/her desire for their spouses out in the open.

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