Passport To A Happy Marriage

Passport To A Happy Marriage

I hadn’t even read the book yet but I found the paperback suddenly opened and lying flat.  It wasn’t my intentions to read the book at the moment, yet out of the blue the book was open and ready for me to read! I was amazed at the first words that my eyes fell upon! It was Abdul Alim Bashir’s book, “Passport to a happy marriage,” and Allah directed me to it so that I may receive a message.

Under the section: “The working wife,” my eyes fell upon the following:

“The wife has to be careful not to let her desire to be successful on the job or her pursuit of a career to take precedence over her mate.  She must not cause her mate to be relegated to the background role.  If the woman is intelligent and skillful, she will truly become successful and, possibly outshine her husband.  This will cause him to feel less important.  This type of situation will create a challenge to the wife, for which she must find a solution.”  (“Passport to a happy marriage,” p. 59)

After reading this, I put the book down and immediately thought about myself.  I was propelled into deep thought and realized that I was guilty of the same thing that the author methodically described.  I was blown away.  I had not seen my ambitiousness as impacting my marriage in a negative way.

I just assumed that my husband understood that I was busy and was doing the best that I could.  Wearing many hats as a mother of four, wife, business owner, author and writer is tough and trying to balance everything is even tougher!  Yet still, if I want my marriage to stay afloat, it behooves me to keep my husband number one, make him feel special and take a moment to evaluate everything.

If I find myself overwhelmed or bombarded with so many things to do, I must take a step back and make sure that my husband isn’t being put last.  This not only benefits him, but it benefits me as well as the marriage and in the long run it’s definitely worth it.

“Passport to a happy marriage” changed my life! It gives practical advice that has helped me with my marriage. I recommend it to everyone who is married. It doesn’t matter which stage your marriage is at, I’m confident that “Passport to a Happy Marriage” will help you find the solutions you are looking for in your marriage and even improve it.

However, there is one thing that I must bring to your attention.  While this is a very easy and quick read, this is not a book that you just quickly speed through without taking the necessary time to pause, reflect and take notes.  There may be times when you’ll need to put the book down and reflect about your marriage and see what applies to you.

There were times when I only read one paragraph from this profound book and found myself engrossed in deep thought for the entire day! When you find yourself taking the necessary pauses to absorb the information, then you know you are on the right track.

This way, you will be more likely to implement the valuable suggestions and ultimately benefit from the book, which is the whole point.  On the other hand, speedily reading it or skimming through it may cost you more than the money you initially spent to purchase it.

Even those who consider themselves to have a good marriage, there is always room for growth.  In fact, if we don’t take the time to renew our marriages and reflect on what has worked and not worked, pretty soon our marriage will decay.  No one can claim to have a perfect marriage, as no one can claim to know it all. We must constantly work to revive our marriage and hold it in high regard.

One of the ways we do this is by evaluating our marriages. Not only should we evaluate our marriages but we must constantly consider our spouse’s evaluation of the marriage as well.  Sometimes, one mate can think that everything is great; their needs can be met and they can be in a great space.

However, their partner may not be having the same experience.  But how will you know that unless you check in with them? If you assume that they think that the marriage on great terms too, you may just end up with a huge surprise. What’s worse, if this experience continues without resolution, it may only be a matter of time before the marriage collapses, may Allah forbid.

But how do we go about resolution and how do we know which route to take? Some marriages may be challenged with spouses who keep things bottled up inside and lack the skills to effectively communicate their feelings to their partner.  What about couples who struggle with overcoming trust issues, infidelity or financial crises?

These are issues which can affect the integrity of the marriage and can threaten to destroy it if the proper action isn’t taken.  What would one to do when faced with these problems and the like? One of the first things they should consider is getting assistance from someone with the qualifications to get them results.

In “Passport to a happy marriage” Abdul Alim Bashir provides resolutions that many of us have been searching for.  Abdul Alim Bashir is an accomplished writer who was enthused to write this book following a request of a woman who was impressed with his performance conducting a marriage ceremony.

The author himself had been married for more than 30 years before the relationship deteriorated and resulted in divorce.  After having conversations with his ex-wife, he realized where destructive mistakes that were made which ultimately were irreversible. He has conducted research, interviewed a countless number of married people and compiled a wealth of insight to compose this book.

“Passport to a happy marriage” really delivers by providing a passport to a happier marriage for individuals. It is for those who are thinking of getting married, those who were previously married and are looking forward to remarrying and those who wish to remain happily married.

I recommend you get your “Passport to a happy marriage” today.  The book is available on amazon at an affordable price.  I would have spent ten times more to gain what I did from this scholarly work.  With a price that’s a steal, there’s no reason why any married person would not invest in their marriage by reading, absorbing and following the helpful hints in this book.

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