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Fifty Shades Of Green

A Story Of Muslim Sensuality

It’s a hot summer night in Atlanta. The time is 9:00 p.m.

In the palacios officer tower located in the busy office district on Peachtree Street the Law Offices of Kadeem and Associates are closed. All it’s employees are gone for the evening except for one dedicated young junior partner.

Luqman, a graduate from the University of Georgia’s Law School, is hunched over his desk preparing his briefs for the trial that’s set to begin tomorrow. Luqman is very nervous because this is his first trial defending a long time client.

He sits back in his leather office chair and ponders over what exactly prepared him for this event….high school, college, his college football coach and last but not least, his darling Jameelah.

Luqman and Jameelah met on campus one Friday after Salatul Jumuah. Luqman recalled the tall slender Muslim woman across the room. She wore a long black abaya trimmed in gold and a white khimar.

She was stunning. Luqman tried not to stare at her but He could not help himself.

He kept his thoughts to himself and decided to propose after graduation. Luqman met Jameelah’s father at the following Eid ul Adha and to Luqman’s amazement he agreed to allow Luqman to finally speak to Jameelah after four years of maintaining an amazing crush on the young sociology student.

They were married four months later in Annapolis,MD and soon after moved to Athens, GA.

Jameelah was a tireless cheerleader as Luqman worked at one thankless job after another, studying for the entrance exam. She helped Luqman count his tips from the local restaurant where he worked as a waiter while in Law School.

He owed her a huge debt for her tireless dedication and support. He loved her and she adored him even more.

After graduation Luqman landed a position as an associate at the prestigious Kadeem and Associates Law Firm in Atlanta and soon after moved there.

One year later Jameelah gave birth to Luqman’s heart…..little Ameenah. He adored his daughter and his new life.

Everything was moving smoothly until the long hours at the firm, the tense nights of document preparation, and the daily grind took a heavy toll on Luqman and Jameelah’s love life.

Things were getting boring and monotonous. The lovemaking occurred with less and less frequency. Soon Luqman and Jameelah were making love twice a month.

Now Luqman stares at Jameelah’s picture on his desk. He imagines how the sex used to be when they first got married seven years ago.

He wanted her more than ever but, He also wanted to spice up the bedroom. He wanted to experiment sexually in hopes of intensifying the sexual pleasure between them.

He could no longer withhold himself any longer. He needed her and he needed her now.

He picks up his Bluetooth ear piece and called Jameelah.

“Ring….Ring….Ring” the phone sounded inside Luqman’s ear.

Jameelah answered the line. Luqman could hear the cry of little Ameenah in the background.

Jameelah: As sallamu alaikum!!

Luqman: Wa alaikumu sallam Baby!!

Jameelah: How are you??

Luqman: I WANT YOU SOOOO BAD!! Be ready when I get home in an hour.

Jameelah: Really??? Okay!!

Luqman: OH YEAH!!! I am gonna make sweet love to you tonight girl.

Jameelah: Wow!! Ok…see you then.

Luqman: As sallamu alaikum

Jameelah: Wow!!! Wa alaikum sallam

On the way home Luqman was burning with desire. He could not wait to get home. He drove his 2015 Mercedes-Benz 300SL with racecar precision as he darted in and out of traffic.

He arrived at his stately suburban home in twenty minutes; a commute that usually takes thirty-five minutes to complete.

He was grinning from ear to ear eagerly anticipating a night of passionate lovemaking with Jameelah. Luqman could not hardly put his key into the lock of the front door.

His imagination ran wild as he slowly opened the screen and then the front door.

Luqman entered the living room and saw Jameelah on the couch in a long, sleek red negligee.

The floor wass covered with rose petals. The entire house wass decorated with scented candles. He could smell the scent of musk and sandalwood in the air. It was a scene from some romance novel but, no it was right here…right now.

Jameelah: As sallamu alaikum, baby.


Jameelah: Do you like what you see??

Luqman: OH YEAH!!

Jameelah: Well…what are you waiting for??

Luqman undressed in the blinking of an eye. All the time he stared at Jameelah with her beautiful brown eyes and her shapely figure.

Luqman walked slowly and calmly towards Jameelah until he stands before her. The atmosphere was electric and seductive.

Jameelah: I missed you all day.

Luqman: I’ve missed you too Jamee. Now would you please do something for me??

Jameelah: Yes…what is it??

Luqman: Would you please go down on me??


Jameelah: YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT??!!

Luqman: You know…go down there.

Jameelah: ASTAGFRILLAH!! AOOTHUBILLAH!!! That is haram Luqman!!

Luqman: But baby no it’s not.

Jameelah: Well…I’m not doin it. As a matter of fact this date is over. GET AWAY FROM ME!!

Luqman: Now…baby hold up.

Jameelah quickly left the room. Her negligée trailed behind her as the mood turns from burning passion to frigid cold all in a matter of seconds.

Luqman was left disappointed and bewildered as he slumped down in a sea of rose petals on the living room couch.

Is oral sex haram??

How should have Jameelah reacted to Luqman’s request??

How should Luqman proceed from here??

Why are so many men and women adverse to oral sex??

Tune in to the Next Romantic Muslim Podcast entitled “Going Downtown…A Frank and Open Discussion about Oral Sex”

Febuary 28, 2015 via Romantic

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