Warning: You Could Be Married To A Fake Muslim

Warning: You Could Be Married To A Fake Muslim

I Don’t Want To Say I Told You So…

But I told you so.

A lot of people gave me flack because of the views I expressed about Muslims marrying non-Muslims in the article “The Shocking Truth About Mixed Marriages in Islam.” Many people, both Muslim and non-Muslim, disagreed with what I had to say.


Oh boy, I was called all sorts of names. All because I did not like the idea of Muslims marrying Christians and Jews. I don’t really think Muslim men should get involved in it. And Muslim women have no business doing it at all since it is forbidden.

But now, I got some good ammunition.

On this page is an audio clip of a podcast I was listening to last week. I listen to a lot of podcasts, not just my own.I especially like listening to internet business podcasts, since, well…this is sort of an internet business…albeit a religiously-based one.Anyway, I listen to a lot of these podcasts rather than music in order to pick up some marketing ideas for Islamic Learning Materials or discover better ways to engage my audience. After all, without the audience, this website wouldn’t be much.

This particular podcast I was listening to was about living your life on your own terms (whatever that means). It is basically a feel-good, heart-warming, podcast meant for motivating internet entrepreneurs.

The episode in question featured Derek Sivers, the founder of CDBaby.com.

CD Baby is an online music packaging operation for independent artists. Unsigned musicians can send in their music and tracks to this company, and they’ll mass produce it as CD’s. It’s an easy way for independent musicians to get their music onto CD without going to Amazon.com and buying dozens of boxes of blank CD’s and doing it themselves.

During the interview, Mr. Sivers decided to talk about how he married his wife.

Who happens to be from India. And also happens to be Muslim.

Here Comes The Interesting Part

He was already dating her (obviously that’s a bad sign since there’s a whole lot of sin involved in that) and he asked her to go with him to California.

She says she can’t because her mother thinks she’s still a virgin, and she was expected to marry a Muslim man.

So, Mr. Sivers comes up with the idea to fake his conversion to Islam in order to marry this girl. He goes on Google, looks up “how to convert to Islam,” and learns that all that’s needed is for one to say the Shahada.

He takes the Shahada (testimony of faith), knowing full well that he has no intention of ever doing anything Islamic. The family is all happy and elated that he “converts” to Islam and happily marries their daughter off to him.

What sickens me is that Mr. Sivers is laughing and snickering about the whole thing during the interview.

This Isn’t New

Now people do this stuff all the time. I know of lots of stories where one spouse accepts Islam just to marry the other person. Sometimes it’s the wife who converts, but most often it’s the husband. That’s because, like I said above, it is forbidden in Islam for Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, whether they be Christian, Jewish, Hindu, or anything else.

But for this guy to sit there yucking it up like he played a big gag on the entire Muslim world is extremely disrespectful. He could at least have the decency to keep his fake “conversion” secret and to himself.


And just in case you thought I was lying or joking or whatever, I included the clip from the podcast in question in this post.

Not too long ago, one sister wrote to me telling me about how her father wouldn’t let her marry her boyfriend who had just recently converted to Islam. I mean, he had just converted, like, barely a month earlier.

It seems the father wanted to wait and see if the young man was serious. He wanted him to learn more about Islam and prove that he was serious about the faith.

The young lady was very frustrated at her father’s resistance and wanting to delay marriage, but now, I see his point. That father was trying to look out for his daughter and for her children. And I wholeheartedly agree with him for being patient and deliberate.

You wouldn’t believe how many emails I’ve gotten about women who married some guy who supposedly converted to Islam. And then, as soon as the ceremony was over, he went right back to his non-Muslim behavior. I’ve gotten emails about husbands not praying, not bothering to even learn how to pray, not going to the Masjid, not fasting, and even drinking alcohol. And the wife is distraught because she fears for how her children will be raised and she feels deceived.

Right now, all we can do is pray that Allah puts true faith into Mr. Sivers’ heart and guides him to belief. But hopefully this will be a warning to both parents and young Muslim women. There are several lessons we can take from this.

  • Almost all of these instances of “fake conversions” come after an extra-marital relationship (or at the very least, a friendship) between a Muslim woman and an non-Muslim man. It’s bad enough when this happens between two Muslims, but it’s even more dangerous when a non-Muslim is involved. This is a warning that Muslims should be very careful who their children are hanging out with.
  • While it is true that only Allah knows what’s in our hearts, we’ve still got to use our common sense. If a person is not making Salaah (the five daily prayers) then chances are they do not have any faith. Or it is very, very weak at the very least. We should not marry our children (male or female) to a person who does not pray.
  • People are devious. People will say and do whatever they need to do in order to get what they want. That’s why Allah and His Messenger (pbuh) have legislated the Wali (guardian) for the Muslim woman. That father I spoke of above is very wise for protecting his daughter and being patient. She is all wrapped up in emotion and ready to jump the broom. But Daddy is using his wisdom and is looking out for her well-being. You rock, Dad. You absolutely, rock.

I have a feeling this article is conjure up some haterade also.

You know what? That’s fine.

If I’m not ruffling feathers and upsetting people and rocking the boat, then I’m not doing something right.

This is Islam. This is the truth.

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  1. I have seen this in my own family a number of times and it’s been happening for years! A revert who married someone in my family pretends to fast, doesn’t even know the niyah for fasting and breaking fast. He’s playing “head shoulders knees and toes” when it’s time to make salah because he doesn’t know any duaa or niyah at all, just how to move and mouth made up words. Did I mention he’s already been Muslim for years?! This is what is trending. Putting an actual effort into pretending to be Muslim. And his wife is fine with all of this because he’s rich, white and she loves him. This is how superficial some women are. This is what they deal with in order to have their superficial fantasies met.

    • Wow, thank you for sharing Ouarda. I didn’t know this “fake Muslim” business was so rampant.

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