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How To Be A Better Husband And Father

This is Part 4 of the series “Love, Sex, and Marriage in Islam.”

The response from the last “video article” was very positive, so I think I’ll be doing them more often Inshallah.

In my last post, I gave tips for Muslim women on choosing their husband. I was going to do a similar post for men, but decided it was more important for men to be better husbands and fathers than to choose a better wife.

My reasoning, and you’re welcome to disagree, is that the husband is supposed to be in a position of authority in his family and therefore he should be influenced less by his wife than the wife is by her husband.

In other words, I believe, a good woman can be ruined by a horrible man, so I believe women should choose their husbands carefully. However, a good man should not be ruined by a horrible woman. On the contrary, he should be able to influence her to change, or he can walk away if it gets too rough.

And Allah knows best.

The final post in this series addresses several common questions I receive about sex in Islam and relationships in general. Perhaps you’ve had some of these questions yourself. Look them over and let me know if you have any other questions about Sex in Islam.

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