18 – Anger, Separation, Divorce | Old Mail Bag

18 – Anger, Separation, Divorce | Old Mail Bag

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Controlling My Temper

This show originally aired on April 2, 2013 on another podcast called The ILM Show which is now The Islamic History Ninja.

In this episode, Bilal and I got together to discuss several questions that had come into the Islamic Learning Materials website.
The first one we tackle is from a sister who says she loses her temper when she argues with her husband.
Some of the details about her situation is that her husband is about eight years older than her. Bilal and I advised her to seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan’s tricks and use the Prophetic advice from the Messenger of Allah on controlling anger.

In addition to this advice, Bilal also suggested she try some aromatherapy methods to help soothe her emotions and bring calm into her life.

My Wife Left Me

anger-divorceThis was an email sent by a brother. He and his wife were married for several years living in the Middle East. However, her family never really approved of the marriage in the first place. But they went against their wishes and married anyway.

Six years later, her brother died and she went back home to India for the funeral. But when she got there, her family would not let her go back and, according to the husband, she didn’t want to come back either.

So now the husband is in all sorts of anxiety as they have a daughter together and he is not immediately able to go back to India and see what’s going on.

Bilal and I eventually came to the conclusion that there is some information missing. It is unlikely that his wife would just leave him unless there was something seriously wrong in the marriage.

I Need A Job

This was an email from a Muslim sister, presumably living in the West, most likely the United States.

Before she got married, she was a teacher. But she got married, started having kids, and even started wearing the niqab, the face veil.

Unfortunately, she and her husband divorced. Her ex-husband still provides for her but she doesn’t want to live off of that. She has a profession and wants to provide for herself.

However, as difficult as it is for Muslim women to get a job while wearing hijab, it is even more difficult for those wearing Niqab. So she wanted advice from us on how she can go about taking care of herself.

Bilal and I were able to come up with several suggestions on how she can either start her own business, or find work overseas or using her skills to earn enough money to provide for herself.

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