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25 – 9 Traits Of The Successful Muslim Entrepreneur

Now, It’s Your Turn

How long have you been putting it off?

Come on. Five years? Ten years?

Maybe even more?

You know you always wanted to be an entrepreneur. You’ve always had that spark of industry; that desire to get out there and do your own thing.

So why haven’t you done it?

Is it because you longed for the safety of a steady paycheck?

Is it because your culture and family look down on starting your own business?

Or is it simply because, you’re afraid.

  • Afraid to fail.
  • Afraid to succeed.
  • Afraid to look foolish.

Now, it’s your turn to stop being afraid. It’s time you stop procrastinating and making excuses. It’s time you get out there, and put your trust in Allah, and get to work.

How To Be Successful

We all want to be successful. I mean, seriously, who wants to be a failure? But there are certain traits that all successful people have.

And if you are going to go out there and do your thing, follow your passion, live your dreams and all that good stuff, then you need to know what those traits are. And that’s why you need to listen to this podcast.

Brother Bilal Stroud from joins me on this episode of the ILM Show as we talk about some of the common traits of successful entrepreneurs.

But We’re All Muslim Here

However, we need to keep something in mind.

We’re all Muslim here.

And as Muslim entrepreneurs, our goal in this life isn’t the same as non-Muslim entrepreneurs. Hoarding wealth and showing off our riches and successes is not what we’re here to do.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not what I’m here for.

I want my business (this very website you’re on…among other things) to be successful, but I don’t do this for the money.

I don’t teach Islam and counsel people just so I can make a quick buck (because I make very, very little money from either). I do it because I love Allah and I want to please Him, and one of the best ways to do so, is to help His servants.

But let’s face facts. In order for me to do what I love to do (learn and teach Islam), I need money.

  • It takes money to pay for hosting.
  • It takes money to pay for quality writers.
  • It takes money to buy new equipment.

The difference between us as Muslims and most other entrepreneurs, is that while we want to earn money and obtain some of the good of this dunya, the dunya isn’t our ultimate goal in life.

The 9 Traits

So now that you know the importance of entrepreneurship for a Muslim, let’s look at some of the common traits of successful Muslim entrepreneurs.

About a year ago, I was helping Bilal Stroud with his own radio show. During that short period, we had some truly amazing guests on our program, many of whom were successful, or up and coming, Muslim entrepreneurs.

Since then, we’ve both had the chance to meet other inspiring Muslim entrepreneurs. It seems like the Atlanta area is just a hotbed for budding Muslim industrialists. With this amazing access, Bilal and I were able to come up with several common traits of successful Muslim entrepreneurs.

1. Self Reliance

Having the desire to own your own time, work for yourself, and forge your own way in the world is the top trait of successful Muslim entrepreneurs. After all, if you’re willing to live off of someone else, why else would you even attempt to start your own business?

2. Not Afraid to Try Something New

If you’re starting your own business, then you’re (hopefully) coming out with some fantastic new idea. Or at the very least, you’ve got an innovative take on an old idea. Whatever it is you’re doing, you can’t be afraid to try something new.

3. Faith and Ambition

People are going to tell you that it can’t be done. People are going to try to convince you that you’re on a fool’s errand. Some of these naysayers might even be people you love and admire. But if you’re going to be a successful Muslim entrepreneur, then you need to ignore these things and keep going.

4. Persistence

No matter how carefully you plan, problems will arise. But to be successful, you can’t let these things stop you. You’ve got to keep going no matter what the Devil throws at you.

5. Articulating Dreams

Be clear about what it is you want. Let others know, especially those people who might believe in you. Heck, even let those who don’t believe in you know. Just make sure that you know what it is you want.

6. Doing What You Love

If you’re going to shoulder the risks and perils that come from starting your own business, then you better make sure you love what you’re doing. You don’t need to put a whole bunch of sweat and toil into something you can’t tolerate.

7. Focused

One of the problems with creative people is that they’re always trying new things. But you can’t do that if you’re going to run your own business. You’ve got to be laser focused on achieving your goals.

8. Stubborn

Like that little blue fish in that movie said: “Just keep swimming.”

9. Hone Your Craft

If you don’t remember anything else from this list, remember this: Hard work beats talent and genius any day. You’ve got to put in the extra hours and the late nights and the hard work it takes to become world class at whatever your passion is. So don’t rest on your laurels. Get out there and get to work.

Show Notes

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