50 Slam-Bang Islamic Tips To Make A Marriage Work

50 Slam-Bang Islamic Tips To Make A Marriage Work

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  1. Make each other feel safe and secure. In other words, aim for sakina – tranquillity.
  2. When entering your home, say Assalamu Alaikum. (Greetings).
  3. The Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) described the woman as one who should be gently taken care of.
  4. Giving advice should be done in privacy, in peaceful surroundings.
  5. Be generous to your wife – it keeps her loving you.
  6. Move over and let her have your seat. Those small gestures go a long way!
  7. Avoid getting angry as much as you possibly can. Controlling your temper is a must.
  8. Take care of your appearance, put on some perfume, wear some nice clothes!
  9. If you are rigid, you will eventually break her. Being rigid and harsh won’t bring you close to Allah.
  10. Listen to what your spouse has to say.
  11. Don’t ever consider committing an adulterous act, because it goes against the purpose of marriage (duh!)
  12. Call your wife by the most affectionate name; one that she likes to hear.
  13. Give each other a nice surprise once in a while; in other words be spontaneous.
  14. No matter what, always watch your tongue! It often causes conflicts that could have been avoided.
  15. No one is perfect, do not expect your spouse to do more than what they can achieve.
  16. Show and tell how much you appreciate your spouse.
  17. Regardless of the relationship you have with the family (the in-laws), always strive for a healthy one.
  18. Talk about topics of common interest.
  19. Sometimes your spouse needs to be reassured, assure them that they are excellent and beautiful.
  20. Actions do speak louder than words after all, so show each other some love.
  21. Change up your usual routine. Do random things. Spice things up in your marriage!
  22. Treat one another as sensible human beings and take into consideration each other’s feelings.
  23. The most annoying thing would be to pinpoint every single mistake your spouse made! Don’t do it.
  24. Patience is a wonderful virtue, therefore you should invest in its development.
  25. Understand that your spouse can get jealous, do not provoke it.
  26. Be as humble as you can be. For example, if you have a nice job, don’t rub it in your spouse’s face. Each of you has their own individual strength, that means that what you are doing fits your own personal strength.
  27. No friend should be in a higher position than your spouse.
  28. Do everything in your power to ease you’re spouse’s life. Show that you care a little bit at least.
  29. No matter how tense it is between you and your in-laws, show them some respect!
  30. Show your wife she is that the ideal woman.
  31. Keep your spouse in all of your duas. It will increase the love and assure it’s protection.
  32. Whatever happened in your spouse’s past, belongs there. Bringing it up causes nothing but pain.
  33. Do not assume or claim that what you are doing to help provide for the family is a favor (Ladies don’t have to provide for the family, but your husbands do – it’s an obligation for them to do so). Allah (SWT) wants the spouses to be humble and grateful for the blessings that they have been blessed with.
  34. I know it may not seem like it sometimes, but your actual enemy is Shaitaan (the devil) not your spouse. It happens that one of the two makes a snarky remark and it causes a fight. The fact that you let an argument occur satisfies him immensely. If you keep that in mind, and take under consideration that because of him one simple argument can lead to a divorce, you’ll try your best to avoid arguing with your spouse.
  35. When you cook for your spouse, bring the food to them. Indeed, the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) instructed such a thing to all Muslims. What you are eating is a blessing. It does not just satisfy your hunger, it also soothes your heart. Therefore, it increases the love and mercy between the two of you.
  36. Protect your wife from all sources of evil. You should consider her as precious pearl that deserves protection from the envy of human devils and shaitaan.
  37. This is a rather simple one : Smile! It is sunnah and an act of charity.
  38. Whatever the downside/challenge you may face, don’t let it become a giant problem. If one of you did something that the other didn’t like, tell them about it. Ignoring what happened will create this huge unnecessary wall between you. Don’t ignore them because it will become huge later on.
  39. Avoid being harsh and moody. Allah (SWT) said to the Prophet (SAWS) ‘if you were harsh they (the companions) would have left you.’ It confirms that the prophet (SAWS) was not harsh.
  40. Respect each other’s opinions. Doing so only gives you more strength. Show your spouse that you prefer her thoughts and suggestions.
  41. Help her attain her potential and facilitate her to process and understand that success comes at intervals as her success is also your success.
  42. Respect the intimate relationship and its boundaries. As mentioned above, the Prophet (SAWS) compared the woman with a fragile vessel, meaning that she needs to be treated tenderly. Respect the fact that some days she might not be feeling well; you want to respect and appreciate that feeling.
  43. If you have kids, the husband should help his wife with their care and upkeep. It will not make him less of a man by doing so. As a matter of fact, it makes the husband seem like an even bigger man by doing so.
  44. Say nice words to each other. You can do so by complimenting them on how they look, on what they cooked or on anything they did that made your day a little brighter.
  45. Share your meals with each other as well. In other words don’t eat in separate places and at separate times.
  46. Whatever you plan on doing, don’t hide it from your spouse. There is absolutely no need to keep secrets from each other, not to mention that it is against Islam.
  47. Remember : never go to bed angry. It won’t solve anything.
  48. The house has privacy and secrecy. Once you are taking this privacy and secrecy to your friends and family you’re at high risk of basically throwing your marriage out of the window. Whatever happens behind closed doors, should remain behind closed doors. It’s as simple as that. Our religion does not approve of us disclosing of private matters to anyone and everyone.
  49. Encourage one another to do as much worship as possible. In other words, set up a visit for pilgrimage or Umrah for example. It will increase each other’s Imaan and strengthen the love you share.
  50. Acknowledge that your life partner has rights that go beyond what is simply written in paper form, therefore it is your duty to respect them and give them what they are entitled.

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