23 – The 35 Year-Old Virgin

23 – The 35 Year-Old Virgin

Is He Telling The Truth?

Bilal Stroud joins the ILM Show in this episode to discuss some of the emails and requests that come into the website. One of the questions we tackle comes from a Muslim woman who is about to get married.

Is He Telling The Truth?

However, the man she’s going to marry is thirty-five years old and claims he’s a virgin. She wants to know should she believe him or be suspicious.

Bilal and I discuss the possibility (or impossibility) of a man remaining a virgin for such a long time, especially while living in the West. We both came to the conclusion that while it isn’t impossible, it is very unlikely.

The main problem, as we mentioned in the podcast, is that things are just so over-sexualized these days.

  • Marketers deliberately use sex to sell their wares.
  • Children are exposed to sexuality at earlier and earlier ages.
  • Pornography is now just a click away for most people. Even young children can access this filth with the touch of a button.

So while it may be possible that this brother is really a virgin (and we both sincerely hope that he is), we advise the sister to use caution and do her homework before jumping into marriage.

New Muslim Wife Wants A House

The second topic we discussed in this episode was about a man who recently got married. He married a new Muslim sister who was raised as a Hindu.

But there are a couple of problems.

  1. First, her family doesn’t even know she has accepted Islam.
  2. Second, she has encouraged her husband to do certain things that are frowned upon in Islam.
  3. And finally, she wants a house which will require the use of Riba (interest), and she refuses to live with him until he gets one.

All of this has put the brother in a pretty serious dilemma. Of course he loves his wife and he wants to please her.

But she is asking him to do something that would displease Allah. And to make matters worse, she went back to her family and will not return to him until she gets what she wants.

You’re going to have to listen to the show to find out what advice Bilal and I have for the brother. Of course, if you have any opinions, feel free to give them in the comments section below.

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2 Responses to 23 – The 35 Year-Old Virgin

  1. Assalamalaikum brother Ismail. At the beginning of your audio lecture you said ‘I am the chief EVANGELIST of Islamic learning materials’. I am shocked that you would think you are an evangelist and that you would even conflate Islam with evangelism. Muslims are NOT evangelists because we are NOT christians. It is christians such as mormons, jehovah witnesses, etc that are evangelists.

    We are MUSLIM and when a muslim brother or muslimah (sister) give DAWAH to other people then they are known as a DAWEEH.

    Please use the correct Islamic term. In this day and age especially in usa, muslims must refrain from adopting western concepts and mannerisms. Not to do so will result in generations of confused ‘muslims’. We must stay true to our deen. Wasalam.

  2. Salam brothers,

    I just turned 40, I live in California, and I’ve never married. I’m a virgin. I’ve never kissed a girl, never touched one.

    It is possible, and it is unfair for you to judge this brother without meeting him, based only on your speculation. Why would you introduce doubt in the sister’s heart if you have no proof that he is lying? What a wonderful thing if he is telling the truth.

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