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Top 10 Questions About Sex In Islam

This is the final segment in the series “Love, Sex, and Marriage in Islam.” 

Sex in Islam, Always a Hot Topic

Since beginning this series (and before) I’ve received lots of questions about sex and Islam. I was surprised at how little Muslims know about this topic. Things that were common knowledge to me, were not so common to others.

I have learned the sad fact that many Muslims lack a basic understanding of Islam. This is what inspired me to create this website in the first place. Even sadder is that many do not understand what is halaal (permissible) and haraam (forbidden) when it comes to sex.

Without this knowledge, you might be committing illegal sexual acts without even knowing it.

This is what this short series was supposed to address. Hopefully, you’ve benefited from it and have learned a thing or two about love, sex, and marriage in Islam.

To help with this understanding, I also wrote a book called “Sex in Islam.” This book covers many of the topics discussed in this series but it is more focused on the topic of sex between husband and wife.

Some may disagree with me for creating this series during Ramadan. But since people aren’t going to stop having sex during Ramadan, I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t be discussed. Especially if the discussion is coming from an Islamic standpoint.

With this in mind, here are the top 10 questions about sex in Islam.

1. What is Zina?

Zina is illegal sexual intercourse, specifically sex with someone you’re not married to. This can be fornication (unmarried people having sex) or adultery (married people having sex with someone they’re not married to). Both require severe punishments in Islamic law.

2. What is the punishment for fornication and adultery?

The punishment for an unmarried person having sex is 100 lashes and banishment from the community for 1 year.

The punishment for a married or divorced person having sex with someone they’re not married to is death according to most scholars. There is a minority that say the punishment is the same as fornication.

3. Is homosexuality forbidden?

Yes, homosexuality is absolutely forbidden in Islam, no matter what Lady Gaga says. Allah says in His book:

Verily, you practise your lusts on men instead of women. Nay, but you are a people transgressing beyond bounds.

Surah A’raf, verse 81.

The punishment for committing homosexual acts under Islamic law is death.

4. Is masturbation permissible?

Most traditional scholars say no. However, many modern scholars are saying it is permissible, though disliked. There is no specific verse from the Quran or hadith that absolutely prohibits it, so I would have to agree with those that say it is permissible. Nonetheless, I encourage you to stay away from it.


Download “Sex in Islam” from

5. Is anal sex permissible?

No, it is not. Prophet Muhammad forbade anal sex, even between a man and a woman.

“Whoever has sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman, or a woman in her anus, or approaches a soothsayer and believes what he is told has disbelieved in that which was revealed to Muhammad.”

Forbidden sexual acts are discussed at length in my book “Sex in Islam.” Click this link to download it from

6. Is oral sex permissible?

Similar to masturbation, most traditional scholars say “no.” However, modern scholars seem to lean towards it being “permissible, but not good.” There are no verses from the Quran or hadith prohibiting it. Therefore, I agree with those that say it is permissible, but disliked.

7. Can Muslims use contraception?

In short, yes. This is a deep topic and I can’t discuss it at length here. Condoms, diaphragms, and utilizing the “withdrawal method” are all permissible so long as both spouses agree. Medical contraception that involves surgery is not permissible for men, but can be for women if medically necessary.

8. Is abortion permissible?

In general, no. But there are exceptions, namely rape, incest, or medical reasons. This topic also requires a deep discussion and it cannot be done here. I discuss both contraception and abortion in depth in “Sex in Islam.”

Yet another good reason to download it from now.

9. I can’t stop watching pornography. What can I do?

This is becoming more and more of a problem with Muslims. I don’t know how to cure this addiction (and it should be looked at as an addiction) but I think I have methods that can help, Inshallah. I’m willing to help anyone who has a problem with this.

10. How come men can marry four wives but women can’t marry four husbands?

Because Allah has not allowed it.

Sex In Islam: The Book

All of these questions (except the last one) are addressed in my book “Sex in Islam.” Of course, I wrote it in my usual laid-back, casual style. I included verses from the Quran and quoted hadiths to support everything. I wanted this to be as authentic as possible.

I’m keeping the price low for now because this topic is of such importance to the Muslim world, especially those of us living in the West. However, circumstances may force me to raise the price soon, so I encourage you to download “Sex in Islam” from now.

If you are married or want to get married or have questions about this important and natural human function, you’ll be doing yourself a big favor.

  • You might be doing haraam sexual acts without even knowing it. This book will inform you.
  • You might be depriving yourself of permissible sexual acts without knowing it. This book will advise you.
  • You can earn blessings while having sexual relations with your spouse if done the right way. Inshallah, this will lead to a blessed marriage and a happier family.

At this time, the book is only available as a Kindle download. This was the best way to offer the book and still keep it affordable.

If you don’t have an Amazon Kindle, don’t worry. You can download Kindle software to your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, or Android mobile device.

Download “Sex in Islam” from


And if you don’t have one of these devices, you can install Kindle on your laptop or PC. And best of all, the Kindle software is free.

Click this link to read a sample of “Sex In Islam.”

4 Responses to Top 10 Questions About Sex In Islam

  1. This was a very useful article, & I think it took alot of courage just to post it as well, so THANK YOU!=)

  2. I had many confusions..but now im much cleared after reading this article..JazakAllah

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